Oat-chamomile nurturing toner

Gentle oat-chamomile treatment water is a super moisturizer for your skin.

Available in two sizes, 30ml and 100ml.


Available in two sizes, 30ml and 100ml.

Nurturing toner is a super moisturizer for your skin. It gives your skin moisture, freshness and glow all day long and balances the skin’s function. Ideal for dry, atopic and sensitive skin as well as skin problems such as acne skin.

Gentle organic chamomile water soothes sensitive and irritated skin while balancing skin inflammation.

Oat extract binds moisture to the skin, soothes the skin and prevents redness.

Hyaluronic acid binds water to itself. It smoothes fine lines, reduces skin flaking and promotes normal skin function.

This nurturing toner gives your skin vitality and glow!


Use: Dispense a small amount from the bottle into clean hands and pat the toner on the skin. The nurturing toner is thicker in composition than ordinary toner, so it is not necessary to apply a layer. You can also use the toner after shaving and elsewhere on your skin such as your hands, folds, back and legs. After the nurturing toner, add oil serum, face oil or cream to damp faces.

INCI: *Chamomila recutita flower water (kamomilla/chamomile), Glyserin, Avena sativa kernel extract (kaura/oat),**Benzyl alcohol, **Sodium benzoate, Sodium hyaluronate,**Potassium sorbate

*Luomu raaka-aine/Organic  **Luonnollinen säilöntäaine/Natural preservative


Paino Ei saatavilla/-tietoa

Atopic Skin, Dry skin, Mature Skin, Sensitive Skin, Young Skin


Body, Face, Skincare for Men


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